Statnikov David Samojlovich

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Statnikov David Samojlovich; an elected academician UAS in 2004 on physicotechnical to branch. 25.06.1939 birth (Kiev), ctz. Ukraine. Formation the maximum, faculty of industrially- civil construction, Lvov polytechnical Un, 1962-1968, the engineer the builder. 1976-1992, the Deputy General director IBSTK" IEW n E.OPatona". Supervised: construction of a unique scientifically-technological complex - Engineering centers IBSTK" IEW n. E.OPatona"; designing of the Center on test of lights metal-construction (the program of space researches). The first in Ukraine, in 1980, together with the Finnish experts, has applied a method of modular construction of objects of scientificaUy-technological purpose. 1976-1988 member Advice of Commercial and industrial chamber of Ukraine. 1991-1998 Chairman of board of consulting firm " Konstis". With 1998 on this time the President of the company" Tecnologia de los edificios " (Spain). The basic directions of activity: promotion and realization of development of" New technologies". The author of the book" Small plots of the Big zone" (It is published in Russia and Spain). Rewarded medals: Ukraine -1500 years to Kiev, the Veteran of work; Mongolia - 50 years of army commonwealth; the international antihitlerite coalition - 50 years of a victory over war 1941-45. Hobby - sports, history, voyages.