Szabó János

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Szabó János – member of UAN in the Department of Medical and Biochemical Sciences since 2004; was born in 1961.02.09 in Budapest, Hungary, citizen of Hungary. Has a high degree of university education. Economical-statistical Institute of Moscow, branch of study: mechanical analysis of economical information (1981-1986). He was promoted to be the Head of the Representative Office in Ukraine of a famous Hungarian pharmaceutical company “Richter Gedeon Rt”. Took his doctor’s degree in economical sciences. He successfully puts together the practical work with the scientific functions. Together with the best clinical scientists of Ukraine they successfully accomplish 5-7 scientific-practical programs and make the best new pharmaceutical medicaments. The stand of direction of the scientific function is  , research of marketing area and how to supply more medicaments on the Ukrainian market on the base of using modern pharmaceutical technologies. He is the author of over 20 scientific works. Major works: “The role of a doctor and a pharmacist in the development of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical section”; “Some of the aspects of the operational function in small business within the market conditions”; “Moral-ethical aspects of providing pharmaceutical services by apothecial workers”.