Teodor Nikolaevich Naritnik

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Teodor Nikolaevich Naritnik Was born in July, 01 1946 in Demyaniv village of Galichskiy region of Ivano- Frankovskoy area, Ukraine. The Home address: 03170, Kiev, Zodchih str. 62-b, un. 93. Teodor Nikolaevich NARITNIK finished Burshtinsikaya secondary school in 1963 with golden medal and was entered in Kiev Pollytechnic Institute on radioelectronics department. Simultaneously, he worked the laboratory assistant at the factory "Arsenal", Kiev, during 1963-1964. Since 1968 after graduate with Diploma with honors Kiev Pollytechnic Institute for profession of the engineer of the electronic technology worked in Kiev Institute of the Cryogenic Electronics of Ministry of electronic industry USSR (in 1969 is renamed on research institute "Saturn") by engineer, senior engineer, younger scientific workman, chief of the research laboratory, division, director of the affiliated enterprise "Sonar" OJSC Scientific and Production Enterprise "Saturn" until 1992. Since 1992 works as director in JV "Institute of the Electronics and Relationship at Ukrainian Academy of the Sciences of the National Progress". In 1976 continuing to work in production he graduated Postgraduate school at Radiophysics department Taras Shevchenko Kiev National University, and has protected the Candidate's Thesis in 1979 at special Scientist Advice Research Institute "Istok" (the Russian Federation). In 1992 was elected as present member of Ukrainian Academy of the Sciences of the National Progress. In 2004 was elected as present member of (the academician) to Ukrainian Academy of the Sciences. He was elected as present member of New-York Academies of the Sciences USA, member of the Engineer Electrical Engineers and Electronics Institute USA. Naritnik T.M. is one of the founders of the school on making the broad class device and dielectronic systems and microelectronics in exceedingly radio- frequency range in Ukraine. Under the direction of and direct participation T.M.Naritnika was called on scientific motivations and executed leading constructive-technological and scheme- technical decisions in the field of infokomuunications. Using the most latest achievements in the field of integral schemes and dielectronics, development of the original schemes and design of the new class microwave instrument and device has conditioned the high research level created microwave telecommunication systems. T.M.Naritnik is a laureate of State reward of Ukraine in the field of sciences and technology (1983, 1995), laureate of State reward of USSR in the field of sciences and technology (1990). In 1996 he was assigned honorable rank "Well-earned workman of industry in Ukraine"; in 2006 ranks "Honorary signalman in Ukraine". Series microwave analog and digital radio-relay station "Ecliptic", "Evrika", "Elara", "Express" and first domestic microwave integrated teleradininformation system MITRIS were designed and carried in Ukraine and abroad under the direction of T.M.Naritnik. The Academician NARITNIK T.M. there is an author of ten monographs, greater as 300 printed scientific works, 85 inventions. His interests, except technology, are: chess, horticulture, music, poetry.