Trufanov Ivan Dmitrievich

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Trufanov Ivan Dmitrievich, elected as an academician of UAS of the power engineering department in 2003. Date of birth: 27.07.1937 (village Verhnyay Luzhnya, Orlovskiy region, Russia); citizen of Ukraine. Higher education : Tula polytechnic institute (Russia), faculty of automation and tele-automatics, mountain engineer-electrician (1962-196). Doctor of technical sciences (2002r.), professor (2004r.). Zaporizhia national technical university, professor. Chairman of the specialized scientific council to defend PH.D technical thesis for speciality the "Electrical engineering complexes and systems" at Zaporizhia national technical university (2002-2006). The chief mechanic of coal mine (1968.), the chief power engineering specialist of factory and head deputy of energy - administration (1969г.), the main designer of instrument-making factory and deputy of general designer of "Optics" (Russia) (optical-electronic automation) (1980r.), leader of scientific labor complex on an energy-savings in mining and smelting complex "EAST" and Zaporizhia national technical university (1994-2006rr.). At the enterprises of the Pridneprovskiy region five developments in industry of the powerful regulated thyristor electric drive with computer control, the econometer control of powerful arc steel-smelting furnace systems, adaptive-programme control of powerful electrical engineering complexes of electrometallurgy furnace systems on the basis of integral criterion of energy-savings were developed and used. He is the author (coauthor) of over 308 scientific works, including 10 inventions and 26 creative achievements. He is the Honored teacher of Ministry of education of Ukraine (2005r.), recipient of an award the Honored decoration order of UAS "For creative achievements" of the 1 degree (2006r.). Language knowledge: German language. Hobby: domestic animals, literature.