Tsyganenko Anatoliy Yakovych

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Tsyganenko Anatoliy Yakovych was elected a member of a department of medical, biological and chemical sciences of Ukrainian Academy of Science in 1993. Anatoliy Yakovych was born in a town Kochubeyivka of Poltava region in 25.06.1929. Nationality - Ukrainian. Citizenship - Ukraine. Anatoliy Yakovych graduated from sanitary-hygienic faculty of Kharkiv Medical Institute where he studied from 1948 to 1954 and obtained a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1954. In 1976 he was awarded a Professor degree, in 1979 - a degree of Honoured Worker of Higher School. In 2000 Anatoliy Yakovych obtained a Doctor of Medical Science degree. He began his career as a post-graduate researcher in 1954, than continued as an assistant lecturer in 1956, than as a docent in 1959. In 1964 Anatoliy Yakovych continued his career as a Vice-Rector and in 1986 as a Rector of Kharkiv Medical Institute. Since 2005 till now he is a Honorary Rector of Kharkiv State Medical University and since 1971 till now he is a Head of Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology of Kharkiv State Medical University. Area of scientific researches - subcellular and molecular mechanisms of antibiotics activity. Anatoliy Yakovych is a leading specialist in development of liposomal medicaments. He was the very first scientist who obtained liposomal forms of such antibiotics as Rifampicin, Gentamicin, Tetracycline, Vibramycin as well as anatoxin of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Bacillus pyocyaneus). He elaborated methods of their cryoconservation and long-time storage. He established microbiological basis for such medicines as Norfloxacin, Hypozol A, Ofloxacin, Nitacid, Amoxil. Pinelidin, Trimoxasol, unguentum and spray of Miramistin, unguentum Oflocain and Oflotrimon produced by Ukrainian pharmacological industry. He is an author (co-author) of 521 scientific articles, 23 monographs, 6 textbooks, 21 study manuals. He is a holder of 37 patents. Anatoliy Yakovych was a scientific supervisor of 2 Doctors and 24 Candidates of Medical Science. He was awarded by "Sign of Honour" order and order "For Achievements" of I, II and III degrees, awarded by Diplomas of Honour given by Supreme Soviet of Ukraine (1990, 2004) and by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2004), Diploma "For Scientific Achievements of the 1st Degree" given by Academy of Science of Ukraine (2004), the highest award of Academy of Higher School of Ukraine - "Award of Saint Volodymyr". Anatoliy Yakovych was also awarded by 8 medals. Anatoliy Yakovych is a memeber of Presidium of Ukrainian Society of Microbiologists, Epidemiologists and Parasitologists, member of Kharkiv Medical Scientific Society and Kharkiv Society of Microbiologists and Epidemiologists. Anatoliy Yakovych is a member of Ukrainian Academy of Science, Academy of Higher School of Ukraine, Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Science, International Academy of Computer Sciences and Systems, New-York Academy of Science, Polish Academy of Science, World Academy of Medicine. Anatoliy Yakovych is a Honoured Member of editorial boards of such periodicals as "Medicine Today and Tomorrow", "Clinical and Experimental Medicine", Member of editorial board of "Journal of Microbiology". Hobbies: swimming, fiction literature.