Utkin Olexandr Ivanovych

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Utkin Olexandr Ivanovych – historian, Doctor of History, professor, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and aerospace Academy of Ukraine. He was born on 26th February in 1937 in Globyno, Poltava region. In 1966 he graduated from Moscow State Historical Archives Institute and post-graduated from Kyiv State Pedagogical Institute named after O.M.Gorkogo in 1972. He worked as a scientist in the Academy of Social Sciences, in the Institute of political and ethno national research NANU, National Institute of Strategical Research. Since 2000 he has been heading the history department at International Solomon University. He works on the problems of state and church, national policy, history of Ukrainian diaspora, national security, military history. Over 300 scientific and methodological works have been published. He is the author of scientific monographs “Liberty of Conscience Real and Illusive” (1982, in co-authorship), “Ukrainian Orthodox Church: the Past and the Present Day” (1991), “The History of Christian Church in Ukraine” (1991, in co-authorship), “Information Activity of Political, Public and Religious Associations of Ukrainian Diaspora in the Western Countries: 1945-1991” (1993), “Public and Political Organizations of Ukrainian Diaspora  as a Factor of Forming of National Ukrainians’ Self-consciousness” (1995), “Science of Religion”. Textbook for schools, gymnasiums and lyceums. ( 1997, in co-authorship),  “National Revival and Religion”( 1995), in co-authorship), “Social and Political Stability in the Region: Ethno- political and Inter-religious Factors” (1998). “The History of Political Doctrine”. Student’s book for higher educational establishments (2006 in co-authorship). As a supervisor of the co- authors he has prepared a number of collective fundamental research in military theory – “Military Building in Ukraine in XX Century: Historical Essay, Events, Portraits” (2001), “Essays from Military Theory of Ancient Ukraine” (2005), “Ukraine in the Fire of War” (2005).