Vadym Mykolayovych Bogdan

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Vadym Mykolayovych Bogdan became an academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Department of Economics and Management, in 2004. He was born in 1957, 17th of May in the village Borsukiv, Kozeletsk District, Chernigiv Region and has Ukrainian citizenship. Higher education: the Kharkov Institute of Railway Engineers, Faculty of Shipping Process Management, specialty – engineer (1979-1985). He worked by his specialty on different position as an executive at the system of Transport Ministry of Ukraine, Kyiv Municipal State Administration, and headed range of entrepreneurial structures. During the election of 2006 he was a candidate for People Deputies of Ukraine from the election bloc “Non-parties Members Bloc “Sontse” of All-Ukrainian Political Association “Unified Motherland” and the party “Women of Ukraine””. Currently he is at the position of the Assistant to the Chairman of All-Ukrainian Political Association “Unified Motherland”. During his whole work activity he is actively engaged in development of scientific-and-technical industrial progress, economical development of enterprises in transition period. He closely works with scientists who are in a structure of the Economics and Management Department of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. He wrote over 50 scientific articles in periodicals and is the author of monograph “Modeling Innovation Politics of Enterprise in Transition Period”, where he highlights theoretical and practical principles of innovation activity of enterprises, types and components of investment, innovation policy, economics transition to market development, sources and methods of searching innovation ideas, planning and management steps for innovation processes. Awards: Gratitude of the Mayor of Kyiv (2003), Diploma of the Mayor of Kyiv (2004) Hobbies: sports, cinema, reading