Victor Ivanovych Yasenoviy

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Victor Ivanovych Yasenoviy - the corresponding member of Ukrainian Agricultural Academy from 2006 in the department of economic and management. He was born in 20th of February 1959. (village Kivshovata, Taraschanskiy district, Kyiv region), Ukrainian, the citizens of Ukraine. He has got a high education. He studied at the Ukrainian Agrarian Academy (Kyiv), zootecnical faculty (1982- 1987). He has got a profession - zootecnician; the heard of the board agricultural production cooperative «Pinchuky» from 1993, Vasylkivskiy district, Kyiv region. The general direction of scientifically activity - finding and developing of economically effective technologies of producing milk and grooving winter crop and sugar beats. He is the known specialist in the agricultural economic. Author of 8th scientifically works. The main from them are: «The definition looses in agricultural enterprises», «The affectivity of producing milk in the own enterprise «Pinchuky» in the marketing conditions», «The economic of sugar industry in the last decade», «The structure of value producing milk and its influence on the economical affectivity of this branch », «Is the producing beef effective in the marketing conditions».Victor Ivanovych Yasenoviy is engaged in problem marketing relations, conditions of developing and widespread the market, understanding market, as the main regulate of prises and proposition in agriculture. He is the honoured worker in agriculture of Ukraine (2004).