Viktor Mykolayovych Krasinskiy

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Viktor Mykolayovych Krasinskiy was elected as a corresponding member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Energy Department, in 1995. He was born in 1945, 6th of January in the town of Kozelsk, Kaluga Region (Russia). By nationality he is Russian and has Ukrainian citizenship. Higher education: Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (1967-1973), industrial electronics, specialty: Engineer of Electronics, Candidate of Technical Science. Place of main work: the scientific and production firm “Electrozakhyst”, position: Director. Central construction bureau of information technical equipment NTO-1; the Head of laboratory of telemechanics, industrial electronics and electrical drive “Azot”; Head Engineer of Central electrotechnical laboratory “Lvivenergo”; Head Engineer of the researching enterprise “Rivneelectrotechnology”. He conducted research works, were involved in launching a big group synchronic electrical drive, and in creation of commutation apparatus and automatization devices for building auto distribution electro systems. During the last 10 years, he devoted himself to building of modern electro protective methods in labour protection, searching of the most optimal ways to reduce of electric traumatism with use of technical devices. Main directions of scientific, creative, production and technical activities: Creation of fixed voltage and current indicators for high-voltage equipment. Creation of new electrical protective devices with a language effect. Creation of effective insulation constructions for safety work with electrical power-plants. Co-operation in creation of modern electro protective tools together with scientific and production organizations of Ukraine, Russia, and etc. Co-authorship in development of normative documentation “Rules of Exploitation of Electro Protective Tools” 1st and 2nd editions and etc. He is the author of more than 10 scientific and technical articles on electrical safety in Russian and Ukrainian journals. Awards: Diplomas of participation in the second international forum “Fuel and energy complex of Ukraine: Today and Future” , “Forth international industrial forum – 2005”. Hobby: playing chess, phytotherapy characteristics of particularly plants, gardening, reading