Volodymyr Ta. Nayshtetik

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Volodymyr Ta. Nayshtetik Was born on 12 December 1954 in Kiev Citizen of Ukraine member of Ukraine academy of sciences from 1995. Economic department. Manger of medical economic section. Higher education. Leningrad Institute of Cinema Engineering. Electro technical  and chemistry technological faculties. Graduated from university in 1981. Electrical engineer, chemistry productions engineer. Honorary professor of Business and Management / International Slavonic University. Scientific and production enterprise NIR / director / Member of editorial board of Ukraine National Pharmacopoeia. Member of scientific board of NIR SPE Ltd. Member of the Kiev Marketing Club presidium. Economic expert of All-Ukraine expert network. Main directions of scientific, creative and production activities are: Creation and improving in manufacturing of new remedies. Development of the Ukraine medicine and pharmacy conception. Created a new generation of drugs that are using more than 10 years in treatment of numerous diseases. I have 8 patents in Ukraine and abroad. There were published more then 20 scientific works. Monographs: ‘Economic problems of public health in Ukraine on transition’, ‘ Implementation of Propes® in treatment of chronic cholecystitis on the alcoholic background’, ‘Conception of public health system development  in Ukraine from 2006 to 2011’ Awards: Silver medal of Platon Gratitude of Kiev Municipal State Administration ‘Golden Jaguar’ / Ukraine association of business circles EuroMarket Award / EMRC (Brussels – 2003) Second-degree diploma UAN (Kiev-2004) ‘Leader of Ukraine – 2005’ First-degree diploma UAN. Hobbies : literature, traveling.