Wu Li-Jen

Дата народження: 


Highest Education:
PhD of Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
PhD of Business Administration, the United States Gordon University
Ph D Candidate in Business Program, Feng Chia University
Ph D Student of Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University

Company/Institution Name: Department of Industrial Engineering and System Management of Feng China University & William Science and Technology Research Comp.
Current Position: Professor & CEO 

Current Served:
CEO of William Science and Technology Research Company
Professor of Industrial Engineering and System Management of Feng China University

Industrial Automation and Mechatronics Integration, Fuzzy and Neural Network System, Grey System, AI, Business Strategies and Industry Fit, Industrial Design, and Biomedical Instrument and Device Design

There are 29 Patents in Engineering and system.
Professional Experience
Working Experiences (22 years)
1.CEO, William Science and Technology Lt.d. Co. 2010~2012
2. Consultant, National Youth Commission, Executive Yuan, 2010~2012
3. Consultant, Taiwan Small Business Integrated Assistance Center, 2010~2012
4. Lecturer, Taichung World Trade Center, 2005~2012
5. Lecturer, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, 2010
6. Consultant, Kind Management Consulting Inc., 2008~2012
7. Assistant Professor , Department of Industrial Engineering and System Management & Department of Mechanical Computer-Aided Engineering & Accounting Department, 2005~2012
8. Assistant Professor, Technological Product Design Department of Ling Tung University, 2008
9. Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering of Yuanpei University, 2002~2009
10. Chairman, Innovation and Incubation Center of Yuanpei University, 2002~2009
11. Editor, Chinese Journal of Radiologic Technology, 2005~2011
12. Researcher, Electronics Research & Service Organization (ERSO) of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), 2001~2002
13. Consultant, Cheng-Da Turnkey Project Inc., 1999~2000
14. CEO, Cheng-Da Mechanical Computer-Aided Technology Ltd. Co., 1999~2000
15. Lecturer, Shipbuilding Department, National Kaohsiung Marine University, 1997~1998
16. Engineer, ArchiNet Inc., 1989~1990

Expertise and Relevant Licenses:
A. Training Certificates: More than 20 Business Licenses
B. Specialties:
1. System Management, Control Method (Fuzzy, Neuro-Network, Grey). NPDP, Business Strategy, Engineering Science
2. 51Papers (SCI: 6paprs; EI: 4 papers, and conference papers: 41 papers) C. Single Author & Co-Author Publications: 1 paper
D. Technological Report & Other Publications: 2 Technological Reports & 1 Master Thesis and 1 Ph.D. Thesis
E. Patents : 29 R.O.C Granted Patents.
F. Chairman of Government Sponsored Research Project : Assisting more than 110 Businesses
G. Twenty Government Projects Science 2001.
H. Employed by the National Youth Commission as consultant for the “Enterprise Start-up Consultation Program from 1st May, 2010 to 5th May, 2012. 
Award and Honors
2010IIP "International Inventor Prize-The erudite Ph. D. of International Outstanding Inventors”
2010IIP "International Inventor Prize- Aacademic Guoguang Medals of International Outstanding Inventors”
2010IIP "International Inventor Prize- Academic Lifetime Achievement Award of International Outstanding Inventors”
2011 Taipei City Government Award , etc.