Yanyuk Tetyana Ivan

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Yanyuk Tetyana Ivan borned on August, 19, 1972 on Хмельничині, Ukrainian. In 1994 made off the Odessa technological institute of food retail industry the name of В. Ломоносова after speciality «Technology of storage and processing of corn». Made off graduate school of the National university of food technologies and in 2002 successfully secured dissertation for the receipt of graduate degree of candidate of engineering sciences after speciality –«Технологія grain-growing, bobs, крупяних cultures and mixed fodders». For creative achievements awarded grant  of Cabinet Ukraine. Connected a vital way with the National university of food technologies, at first by the assistant of department of technology of storage and processing of corn and afterwards by the associate professor of afore-named department (the scientific rank is appropriated  in 2004). Successfully connects scientific researches with pedagogical activity, lays out the courses of lectures on disciplines of «Storage corns», «Technology of industry», «Modern methods of treatment of raw material». Author more than 40 publications and methodical developments, three patents on the invention in industry of storage and processing of corn, creation of енергоощадних, zero-emission technologies of food and forages products. She is a scientist by the secretary of expert advice of WACKES of Ukraine from technologies of retail food industry light and.