Yukhnovskyy Vasiliy Yurievich

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Yukhnovskyy Vasiliy Yurievich - Academician of UAS since 2005 in the division of medicine-biologic and chemical sciences. Born 04.01.1954 (Verestchaky village, Lanivtsy district, Kyiv region), Ukrainian. Higher education. Ukrainian agricultural academy, forestry faculty (1974-1979), engineer of forestry; candidate of agricultural sciences (1986), doctor of agricultural sciences (2003), associate professor (1994), professor (2005). National agricultural university of Ukraine - director of the Research institute of silviculture and decorate gardening. Probationer-teacher (1979-1981), assistant (1981-1994), associate professor (1994-2000) forest melioration department, doctorant (2000-2003), dean deputy of forestry faculty (1998-2000), director of Education-research institute of forestry and landscape architecture (2004-2005). The main direction of research is development of scientific fundamentals of optimization of forest-agricultural landscapes of the plain part of Ukraine. Author (co-author) of 90 scientific and method-scientific articles. The main publications are: 1) Yukhnovskyy V.Y. Forest-agricultural landscapes of the plain part of Ukraine: optimization, stsndards, ecological aspects (monography). - K.: Institute of adrarian economy, 2003.- 273 p. 2) Pylypenko O.I., Yukhnovskyy V.Y., Vedmid M.M. Systems of soil erosion control. Textbook. - K.: Zlatoiar, 2004. - 436 p. Honors Education of Ukraine.