Yuriy Mykhaylovych Lisnyak

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Yuriy Mykhaylovych Lisnyak became a corresponding member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Department of Energy, in 1999, 14th of December. He was born in 1967, 19th of September in the city of Zaporizhzhya; and has Ukrainian citizenship. Higher education: the Zaporizhzhya Industrial Institute, Faculty of Electronic Techniques, specialty – Industrial Electronics (1984-1991); the Zaporizhzhya Industrial Institute, Special Faculty of Retrain Course (1993-1994), position – Manager. The Chairman of Board at power supply open corporation “Chernigivoblenergo”. Corresponding member of the International Personnel Academy (2003). He runs the power supply company in conditions of transition to market economy. He is a co-author of the book “Extensively Throught the Centuries. History of Energy Development of Chernigiv Region” and an author of series of articles: “Minimal Loss of Electrical Energy as the Result of Application of the Effective Management”, journal “News of Energy Industry” (2001); “Experience of Effective Management”, magazine “Personnel” (2004); “Open Energy Corporation “Chernigivoblenergo” – Leading Experience in Day-to-Day Production Personnel Training”, journal “News of Energy Industry” (2005); “Chernigivoblenergo” – With Respect to the Past, With Credence to the Coming Day”, magazine “Time of Renascence“ (2005). Awards: “Honored Power Engineering Specialist of Ukraine” (2004). Hobby: diving.